Bike Plan Appendix


Representative Community Survey (PDF)

In 2017, the City of Oakland hired EMC Research, Inc. to conduct a random sample of Oakland residents to learn about their behaviors and perceptions of bicycling. 1,688 residents took the survey, statistically representative of Oakland’s demographics, with at least 100 interviews collected in each of 8 geographic zones. A summary of the results is available for review

Public Outreach Summaries (PDF)

The City of Oakland teamed up with five community organizations to help identify and give voice to the mobility needs of disadvantaged communities in East and West Oakland. These community-based organizations hosted workshops, listening sessions, and bike rides through the plan process. The Public Outreach Summaries provide a description of and key themes from these events.

Proposed Bikeway Projects (EXCEL)

Today there are over 164 miles of bikeways in Oakland. The Let’s Bike Oakland process identified 219 miles of upgraded and new bikeways and 88 intersection improvements across the city. A table listing project details is available for download and can be filtered by roadway and project type to see what different types of bikeways and prioritized intersections are proposed through this plan.

Online Web Tool Input (COMPRESSED)

An online map tool collected feedback from Oaklanders on where they currently bike and where they would like to be able to bike in the future. Google Earth data (KML) is available for download to see where people have identified barriers to biking, and what routes people currently use.

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