Gateway Industrial District Newsletter #3 (Feb. 2022)

Posted: February 18th, 2022 8:00 AM

Last Updated: March 11th, 2022 4:15 PM

Gateway Industrial District photo montage

February 2022: Welcome to the City’s Gateway Industrial District Newsletter — your twice-yearly update on current & upcoming activities!

What's New!

Our February Newsletter highlights progress on District development, including the relocation of West Oakland recyclers and completion of the Prologis construction at 2001 Maritime Street, as well as progress under the Truck Management Plan, including upcoming City Council action on updates to truck-related regulations in West Oakland.

Gateway Industrial District Truck Parking!

The City is now offering truck parking on a month-to-month basis at the Ancillary Maritime Services site, accessible from Burma Road. Owner-operators and small operations needing no more than 3-4 spaces may contact OakDOT's Parking & Mobility Division by emailing Michael Ford at

Companies Currently Operating in the Gateway Industrial District include:

Photo of solar panels at Good Eggs

Solar Power at Good Eggs!

Prologis has made good on its commitment to explore alternative power sources at 2000 Maritime Street.
Solar roof panels were installed and power a 650KW DC rooftop photovoltaic (PV) system of clean electricity over Good Eggs’ leased space. The system is designed to annually abate 411,776 lbs. or 187 metric tons of CO2e (Carbon Dioxide equivalent) greenhouse gas emissions.

Providing Local Jobs

Looking for a job? The West Oakland Jobs Resources Center provides a location for developers and operators to seek local job applicants.

The Oakland Army Base Community Jobs Oversight Commission is tasked with overseeing compliance with the Army Base Construction and Operations Jobs Policies, which apply to large employers at the Army Base. Currently, Good Eggs is the only Large Employer. The Department of Workplace and Employment Standards provided a quarterly jobs report for Good Eggs during its January 20, 2022 meeting. Good Eggs Jobs Policy compliance, for the fourth quarter of 2021, will be determined and available soon. The Oversight Commission meets every 3rd Thursday at 4:00 pm.

Air Quality Update

To address Air Quality, the City is working with the Port to implement the Truck Management Plan (TMP) and with the developers to implement individual Diesel Emissions Reduction Plans, consisting of construction and operations plans. The draft Operational Air Quality (AQ) Plan for Custom Goods at 2000 Maritime Street is available for public review and comment until July 15, 2021. Please email any written comments to Corey Alvin at Click here for access to the draft AQ Plan.

Photo of Prologis at Gateway Industrial District

Construction Complete!

Prologis has completed construction of a 189,038 square foot warehouse and logistics space at 2001 Maritime Street. The tenant, Custom Goods, is currently working with City staff to finalize its Operations Air Quality (AQ) Plan. Click here to see the draft AQ Plan. Upon completion of its regulatory obligations, Custom Goods will operate the site as a US Customs and Border Protection Centralized Examination Station. Click here to read more!

Truck Management Plan (TMP) Update

To address Air Quality, the City is working with the Port to implement the TMP and with the developers to implement individual Diesel Emissions Reduction Plans, consisting of construction and operations plans. The air quality monitoring reports prepared for this program are available on the Air Quality section of the Gateway Industrial District project webpage.

Construction of the public improvements, including roads, utilities, bike paths, as well as the site construction of the Prologis private development sites for warehousing- and logistics-related and maritime-related development are now complete, and this phase of construction monitoring is now closed. All past monitoring results can be accessed at this link. Future development including planned development of the recyclers will be subject to project-specific air quality construction and operations plans.

Photo of California Waste Solutions (CWS) proposed relocation site

California Waste Solutions (CWS) Lease and Disposition and Development Agreement

The proposed relocation of CWS from 3300 Wood Street and 1619/1820 10th Street to 2308 Wake Avenue (see image) has concluded its planning commission and city council hearings and was unanimously approved. A Lease and Disposition and Development Agreement (L/DDA) was executed by the City and CWS on July 21, 2021.

CWS is now in the process of obtaining required permits, including solid waste and building permits.

Proposed Relocation of CASS, Inc.

In support of the proposed relocation of CASS from its Peralta Street, Poplar Street and Union Street facilities in West Oakland to 101 Admiral Robert Toney Way in the Gateway Industrial District, the City and CASS executed an Exclusive Negotiating Agreement (ENA) dated September 21, 2021. The City and CASS are now negotiating the terms of a Disposition and Development Agreement over the next year.

Truck Management Plan (TMP) Update

The City and Port continue to make progress on the first actions described in the TMP, which were to update truck parking regulations and the network of truck routes and truck prohibited streets in West Oakland. Find the revised proposed truck parking map here and the updated network of truck routes and truck prohibited streets here.

To address community concerns regarding the designation of Frontage Road as a truck route, the City and Port prepared a study to analyze the consequences of designating Frontage Road as a truck route and of designating it as a truck prohibited Street. The Frontage Road Study was presented to the community in October 2021.

The Study found that significant diversion into equity neighborhoods would occur if Frontage Road was banned to trucks, therefore, the City and Port recommend designating Frontage Road as a truck route. The City and Port agreed to continue to work with the community on future design changes to Frontage Road. The Port will lead planning and design of Frontage Road improvements, including identifying resources for the initial planning phase for improvements.

The proposed City Council legislation to update the truck parking regulations and the network of truck routes and truck prohibited streets for West Oakland, is scheduled for discussion at the Public Works Committee of City Council on February 22, 2022.

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