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1911 Telegraph Avenue Parcel

The City of Oakland owns a 1.04-acre parcel of vacant land located at 1911 Telegraph Avenue, previously referred to as "Uptown Parcel 4."



Site Description

The Site is located in City Council District 3 on the east side of the block bounded by Telegraph Avenue, 19th Street, Henry J. Kaiser Memorial Park, and William Street in the Uptown neighborhood of Downtown Oakland. The Site consists of one vacant parcel that is approximately 1.04 acres (45,119 square feet) in size. The parcel’s width and depth are approximately 173 feet and 261 feet, respectively. The assessor parcel number is 008-0716-058 with a site address at 1911 Telegraph Avenue.

The General Plan designation for the Site is “Central Business District” (CBD) and the zoning for the front of Site along Telegraph Avenue is “Central Business District Pedestrian Retail Commercial Zone” (CBD-P), while the back of the site is zoned “Central Business District Residential Zone” (CBD-R). The intent of the CBD-P zone is to create, maintain, and enhance areas of the Central Business District for ground-level, pedestrian-oriented, active storefront uses. The intent of the CBD-R zone is to create, maintain, and enhance areas of the Central Business District appropriate for residential development with small-scaled compatible ground-level commercial uses. The maximum density is 90 square feet of lot area per dwelling unit. There is no height limit.



SLA noticing period begins
October 2021
SLA noticing period ends
January 2022