Building Electrification

The City of Oakland is pursuing cost-effective, equitable pathways to eliminate natural gas use in buildings. See below for details of outreach, engagement, and data on the health and climate impacts of natural gas, electric alternatives to gas systems, and cost-effectiveness analysis.

In Process


Oakland's City Council set ambitious climate targets that require electrifying all buildings as rapidly as possible. As an important first step, in December 2020, the City began requiring all new construction to be all-electric. East Bay Community Energy (EBCE) supported this effort by commissioning a cost-effectiveness study of all-electric new construction that showed both upfront and lifetime cost effectiveness for nearly all building types. The City of Oakland is continuing to develop its Building Electrification Roadmap with multiple opportunities for public engagement and community dialogue.

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Resources and Articles about Building Electrification:

Incentives and Rebates for building electrification:




Oakland-Berkeley Electrification Workshop
June 13, 2019
Oakland Building Electrification Workshop
September 12, 2019
Webinar about City's New Construction Ordinance
November 20, 2020
City Council adopts New Construction Ordinance
December 1, 2020
Workforce Develop Stakeholder Series Begins
March 2021 - Present
Electrifying Existing Buildings Workshop
November 17, 2021

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