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MacArthur Boulevard Planning, Design, and Construction

This website is meant to serve as a central resource for OakDOT plans and projects on MacArthur Blvd.



MacArthur is an important cross-town route for thousands of bus riders and a vital connection to the freeway and Bay Bridge for transbay buses. As the flattest and most direct route over Oakland's rolling foothills, MacArthur is also an important bike route connecting East Oakland and the Oakland Hills with Downtown. MacArthur is closely intertwined with I580 and acts as a parallel route and access corridor for vehicles using the freeway or navigating across town.

There is a lot happening on MacArthur and this website seeks to bring together the various projects and planning efforts underway or upcoming for this roadway.


  • MacArthur Smart Cities: This is a traffic signal upgrade project designed to improve transit service and reliability on MacArthur Boulevard. This project will connect signals on MacArthur with fiber-optic cables in order to allow for signal coordination to improve transit service. This project will also add transit signal priority for buses on MacArthur to keep buses moving, install new transit lanes at intersections, and upgrade curb ramps on the corridor.
  • MacArthur Boulevard Safety Improvements (73rd Ave to 83rd Ave): The Oakland Department of Transportation (OakDOT) is repaving MacArthur Boulevard between 73rd Avenue and 83rd Avenue in Spring 2021. The City is taking advantage of this planned paving project to also install safety and traffic-calming improvements at locations along MacArthur Boulevard. (Website link). Construction for this project is ongoing and will be complete in early 2022.
  • Oakland High School Transit Improvements: Funded by a grant from MTC, this is an AC Transit-led design project to improve transit service around Oakland High School from Alma Avenue to 13th Avenue. Design for these improvements will begin in late 2021, with construction occurring in 2023.


  • LAMMPS Phase 2: The Laurel Access to Mills, Maxwell Park, and Seminary (LAMMPS) Phase 1 project completed a series of bicycle and pedestrian improvements from High Street to Buell Street. Phase 2 of this project will continue the pedestrian and bicycle connection from Buell to Seminary and complete the continuous bike path from High Street to Seminary. Design for this project is funded by the Oakland Capital Improvement Plan and will begin in mid-2022. There are currently no funds identified for construction, but OakDOT staff is working to identify upcoming grant opportunities.
  • Laurel Multimodal Improvement Project: The Laurel District section of MacArthur from 35th to High Street is a dense cluster of commercial businesses and a key transit corridor that connects East Oakland with Downtown. This is also a critical gap in the City's bike network, with only painted sharrows connecting the LAMMPS Phase 1 bike path with the bike lanes to the west on MacArthur. This section of MacArthur also carries high traffic volumes and acts as a bypass for I580. Planning for multi-modal improvements on this stretch of street is funding by the Oakland Capital Improvement Plan and will likely begin with stakeholder outreach and design in late 2022. There are currently no funds identified for construction, but OakDOT staff is working to identify upcoming grant opportunities.
  • I580 Managed Lanes and MacArthur Transit Access Study: This is an upcoming planning study managed by the Alameda County Transportation Commission that will investigate ways to improve reliability and access for the I580 corridor. This project will also make recommendations to improve transit connectivity and reliability on MacArthur Boulevard, with an additional focus on multimodal safety and access. This Study will begin in 2022, construction funding is not yet identified nor is a timeline available for construction of any improvements.

Staff Contact: Please contact Charlie Ream with the OakDOT Planning and Project Development team for more information about the above projects.