Park Blvd Corridor Bikeway / Mountain Blvd to the Bay Trail

This project runs from Park Blvd/4th Ave/5th Ave from Mountain Blvd to the Bay Trail. This 3.9-mile bikeway from the hills to the estuary.


The City is holding community meetings and developing draft concept plans to improve pedestrian, bicycle and school safety along Park Blvd. For more information, see the corridor study web page.

  • Park Blvd (Mountain Blvd to Leimert Blvd): 0.8 mile pedestrian and bicyclist path along Dimond Canyon to connect the Oakmore and Montclair neighborhoods. (More details below.)
  • Park Blvd (Leimert Blvd to MacArthur Blvd)
  • Park Blvd (MacArthur Blvd to E 18th St); planned for construction in Fall/Winter 2020, see project web page
  • 4th Ave (E 18th St to 10th St): shared bikeway markings installed 2012; wayfinding signage installed 2016
  • 5th Ave (10th St to Embarcadero/Bay Trail): bike lanes, pictured right, installed 2009 (and reinstalled after paving project); wayfinding signage installed 2016

Concepts for the Park Blvd Path Project The City has developed four alternatives from which the preferred alternative may be selected based on the results of a traffic study and community process. Before undertaking detailed design, two critical questions must be answered. First, what is the best design for accommodating walkers, joggers, and bicyclists of varying speeds on an alignment with an average slope of 5% and a maximum slope of 7%? Second, what is the best approach for establishing the necessary width for pedestrian and bicyclist access?

With respect to the user groups, the four alternatives include options with on-street bikeways to allow for separation between bicyclists and pedestrians. With respect to creating the necessary width, alternatives include narrowing the roadway and/or reinforcing the existing shoulder with retaining walls to support a path. Work completed to date includes a preliminary analysis of the magnitude and extent of retaining walls needed under the four scenarios.

Conceptual cost estimates for construction of the four alternatives range from $800,000 to $2.5 million. All alternatives include replacing the “slip turns” at the intersections of Park Blvd/Leimert Blvd and Park Blvd/Monterey Blvd with standard square intersections that will improve pedestrian and bicyclist safety at the endpoints of the path. The next step is securing project development funds to select the preferred alternative and develop preliminary plans.

last updated September 1, 2020

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