Red Flag Warning for parts of the East Bay starting 11PM Tuesday 8/17 night and lasting until Wednesday 8/18 at 3PM.

TOWN for All

Transforming Oakland's Waterfront Neighborhoods



The TOWN for All is a comprehensive package of infrastructure improvements that will provide safer, more sustainable and more equitable access to the waterfront for all Oaklanders. This suite of projects accelerates the implementation of longstanding transportation plans and projects with an equity lens.

  • Active Transportation & Transit: 1.4 miles of new transit-only lanes and 10 miles of new sidewalks, bike lanes and trails connecting the greater downtown and West Oakland to the waterfront to encourage walking, biking and transit.
  • Rail Safety & Goods Movement: Rail corridor and roadway improvements to help move trucks and cargo in and out of the Port of Oakland efficiently, reduce traffic congestion and truck idling, and improve traffic safety for all.
  • Parking & Traffic Management: Comprehensive suite of parking system upgrades and intersection improvements to manage on- and off-street parking and traffic.

Together, these improvements will create a more connected Oakland. Stronger, safer, and more pedestrian-, cyclist-, and transit friendly connections are needed to overcome the barriers that have historically separated Oaklanders from their waterfront. A network of new and improved complete streets will provide equitable, sustainable access to new waterfront amenities, while protecting and enhancing goods movement in and out of the nearby Port of Oakland.

To find out more about the City's RAISE Grant, which would support the implementation of TOWN for All, visit: City of Oakland | Reconnecting the Town: Enhancing Oakland’s Civic… (




Map of Project: TOWN for All


RAISE Grant Award Announced