Apply for a Special Events Permit

A special event permit is needed for a public gathering of 50 or more people held on a street, right-of-way, or public property.


Applications must be submitted at least 30 days in advance of an event. The application may be declined or additional fees may be applied if received within 30 days of your event.

Before You Start

If your event is being held at an Oakland Park and Recreation Facility, you need to complete an application through Oakland Parks, Recreation & Youth Development Central Reservations.

If you are planning a street closure intended for residents only, not the general public, you should complete a Neighborhood Block Party Application.

What to Do

Apply For a Special Event Permit

Other Options

How to Apply

  1. Complete the Special Event Permit Application

    Submit as complete of an application as you can. The more complete the application, the more likely you will be issued a Special Event Permit without delays.

  2. Connect with your representative

    Upon receiving your completed Special Event Permit Application, a representative from the City of Oakland will contact you and serve as your primary point of contact during the review of your application.

  3. Meet with the Special Event Review Board if necessary

    Meet with City representatives from Police, Fire and other City Departments if necessary.

  4. Meet any additional requirements and pay associated fees

    The review board may assess additional requirements and fees depending on the nature of your event.

  5. Receive your Special Event Permit

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