Check the Status of Your Property Complaint

Check the status of your filed property complaint with Code Enforcement through our Accela Citizen Access (ACA) portal.

Before you Start

Please have your complaint number or property address available before you search.

What to Do

How to Find Record

  1. Step One: Open Accela Citizens Access (ACA)

    Click button below to be taken to our external ACA website to search through filed Code Enforcement complaints.

    Search Records
  2. Step Two: Search Records
    • Enter your complaint number. If you do not have a complaint number, please enter as much information about the property as possible
    • Select search button
  3. Step Three: Review Record
    • Find your record and click the record number highlighted in red
    • In the Record Info drop down, select Processing Status
    • Review status of your complaint

Need to Know


Call (510) 238-3381 or find quick answers through our Permit & Services Questions Portal.



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