File a Complaint with Code Enforcement

You may file a code violation complaint on residential or non-residential properties using the Planning and Building Department's Accela Citizen Access (ACA) Portal.

What to Do

How to File a Complaint

  1. Step One: Report Online

    Click button below to be taken to Online Permit Portal

    Open Accela
  2. Step Two: Review Filed Complaints
    • Use the "Search Complaint Records" bar at the top of the screen to see if your complaint has already been filed
      • If your complaint has been filed and you have questions about the filed complaint, call (510) 238-6402
      • If your complaint hasn't been filed, proceed with Disclaimer
    • Read Disclaimer and check "Accept Terms" box
    • Click 'File Complaint or Register Property' button
  3. Step Three: Select Complaint Type
    • Review the available complaint types
    • If you would like to make a Code Enforcement complaint, press the drop-down arrow for Enforcement and choose the complaint you would like to make
    • Click the "Continue Application" button

    If your complaint does not fit into one of the provided categories, contact Code Enforcement Services by phone:

  4. Step 4: Complete Application
    • Complete each step of the application process, providing as much information as possible
    • Review application and submit

Need to Know


Call (510) 238-3381 or email

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