Apply for Local Business Certification

The City encourages all businesses located in Oakland to apply for the Local Business Enterprise (LBE) or Small Local Business Enterprise (SLBE) or Very Small Local Business Enterprise (VSLBE) or Locally Produced Goods (LPG) certification.

Certification Application
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Thank you for your interest in the City of Oakland Local/Small Local Business Enterprise (L/SLBE) Program. Our process has changed.

For Local Business Enterprise (LBE), Small Local Business Enterprise (SLBE), or Very Small Local Business Enterprise (VSLBE) certification, please click on the Certification Application Request Link, above.

The new process requires that your company be registered in iSupplier before a Certification Application can be processed.

Certification/Recertification Steps:

Step 1: Complete and submit your “Assessment #####” (Certification Application) in iSupplier. We will then review your Certification Application.

Step 2: We will make the “Assessment #####” (Certification Questionnaire), available to you in iSupplier. Please complete and submit the Certification Questionnaire.

Make sure that your iSupplier (Administration Tab) information (company name, contact name, phone number, street address and email, etc.) is correct and current. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our department. For us to complete the analysis of your company’s Certification Application, the following documents must be uploaded into your iSupplier Account:

  1. Copy of Current City of Oakland Business Tax License.
  2. Copy of Current Contractor’s License or Professional License, certificate or permit (if applicable).
  3. Copy of the current Lease or Rental Agreement for the company Oakland business address, or proof of ownership (property tax statement or deed) if owned.
  4. If incorporated, a copy of “Secretary of State” Letter of Incorporation.
  5. If Non-Profit Organization (copy of the IRS Letter of Determination).
  6. IRS W-9 Form
  7. Copy of the Company’s last three years of IRS Tax Returns (first page only).
  8. Copy of three separate contracts/invoices for work done by the company, executed from the Oakland business/office address.
  9. State 590 Form
  10. SBA Business Size Standards Reference Guide only
  11. North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Codes Reference Guide

Certification Benefits

Earns bid discount and preference points whether you are a Certified for-profit or nonprofit business
Increases the number of Oakland certified businesses participating in City contracts and in development projects
Increases the circulation of City dollars within the Oakland community to stimulate a stronger economic base
Helps develop Oakland certified businesses through joint ventures and through mentor/protégé relationships