ROW Vacation/Dedication or Public Easement Abandonment/Dedication

A public right of way vacation/dedication or easement abandonment/dedicaiton are processed under the State and local law. PPE permits require City review and approval BEFORE permit issuance.

Application for ROW Vacation / Dedication or Public Easement Abandonment / Dedication (PPE-Permit)
(510) 238 -3199
Questions? Please call the DOT Permit Counter
  • Anything considered a public right-of-way may be subject to vacation/dedication:
      • Road
      • Streets
      • Alleys
      • Public utility easements
      • Public service easements
  • Only the property owner whose land includes or abuts a public street right-of-way or public service easement may request a vacation or an abandonment.
  • City staff determines the appropriate category of vacation/dedication for each application. All vacations require City Council action and must comply with state laws and local ordinances. Once the vacation is approved by City Council and recorded at Alameda County Recorder Office, the title to the underlying property shall be cleared off any public right-of-ways and/or public service easements.

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