2021 Emergency Operations Plan Update [EOP]

An emergency operations plan, or EOP, is a document that describes how people, property, and the environment will be protected during an emergency. The EOP details who is responsible for carrying out specific actions, establishes lines of authority and organizational relationships and outlines how actions will be coordinated. The EOP provides guidance for all-types of hazards which may impact the City throughout the year. The EOP guides personnel in performance of their duties before, during, and through initial emergency recovery. In 2021, the City of Oakland will update its Emergency Operations Plan.

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Opportunities to provide input and feedback to the 2021 update were provided from April – June and July – August. The EOP will undergo annual reviews providing the public with additional opportunities to provide feedback. The primary changes that have been incorporated into the posted draft of the EOP include:

  • EOC activation levels were updated to be consistent with national standards,
  • Roles and responsibilities were updated based on changes in City organizational structure,
  • The hazard profiles were updated based on the newly published Local Hazard Mitigation Plan (LHMP),
  • The EOC structure was updated to be consistent with California standard roles.
  • All Emergency Support Function annexes were vetted with stakeholders to update the tasks in different phases of response.
  • The hazard specific annexes were updated with data from the LHMP
  • The policy group membership and role was further defined


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