Red Flag Warning for parts of the East Bay starting 11PM Tuesday 8/17 night and lasting until Wednesday 8/18 at 3PM.

East Oakland Planning for Paving

East Oakland Planning for Paving is an effort to incorporate more transportation safety strategies and community input in the process of repaving Oakland’s street.


In 2014 the Oakland City Council adopted a Five-Year Pavement Prioritization Plan. Through this Plan, Council identified and prioritized approximately 49 miles of roadways to be repaved. Voter approval of Oakland’s Infrastructure Bond in 2016 created an opportunity to accelerate completion of the Plan. In East Oakland, streets that are slated for repaving include:

  • High St. (from I-580 to International Blvd.)
  • Bancroft Ave. (from High St. to 107th Ave.)
  • Havenscourt Blvd. (from International Blvd. to Bancroft Ave.)
  • MacArthur Blvd. (from 73rd Ave. to 82nd Ave.)
  • 90th Ave. (from Bancroft to International/E 14th St)
  • Plymouth St. (from 78th Ave. to 104th Ave.)

East Oakland Planning for Paving is an effort to incorporate more traffic safety strategies in the process of repaving these streets by including more community input.

Project Timeline

In working around the City’s 3-Year Pavement Prioritization Plan, additional funding, and other upcoming projects, these are the expected timelines for each project area.

Spring 2019 - Fall 2020

  • 90th Ave. (from MacArthur Blvd. to International Blvd./E 14th St.)

Fall 2019 - Summer 2020

Paving and striping were completed in Fall 2019. Curb ramps and concrete traffic circles will be implemented beginning in 2020. In addition, we'll be installing traffic circles to keep traffic speeds closer to the posted speed limit at the intersections identified below.

  • Havenscourt Blvd. (from International Blvd./E 14th St. to Bancroft Ave.)
    • Havenscourt Blvd & Flora St
    • Havenscourt Blvd & Avenal Ave
    • Havenscourt Blvd & Arthur St
  • Plymouth St. (from 78th Ave. to 104th Ave.)
    • Plymouth St & 81st Ave
    • Plymouth St & 83rd Ave
    • Plymouth St & 85th Ave
    • Plymouth St & 86th Ave
    • Plymouth St & 88th Ave
    • Plymouth St & 92nd Ave
    • Plymouth St & 96th Ave
    • Plymouth St & 100th Ave

At traffic circles along Plymouth St, narrow intersection geometry and site line visibility constraints preclude landscaping within the small circles.


  • MacArthur Blvd. (from 73rd Ave. to 82nd Ave.)

Summer 2021 / 22

We're currently coordinating our paving improvements with recently-rewarded pedestrian safety grants along the following corridors:

  • High St. (from I-580 to International Blvd.)
  • Bancroft Ave. (from High St. to 107th Ave.)

More information coming in late 2020!

Community Engagement

We engaged residents and stakeholders on the opportunities of the paving program – high visibility crosswalks, refreshed striping, traffic calming, etc. We received valuable feedback on the potential design ideas and ways to increase accessibility, health and safety as Oakland’s streets get repaved.

In mid- to late-2018, we:

  • hosted three (3) workshops with support from Fehr & Peers and Streetwyze at Allendale Elementary, East Oakland Youth Development Center, and Youth Uprising
  • attended 13 NCPC meetings
  • tabled at community events (including National Night Out), youth centers and libraries
  • participated in three (3) block parties engaging residents on the potential designs for their streets
  • engaged over 500 residents and stakeholders and conducted 120 in-person surveys.

In addition to collecting data regarding potential changes to street design, we’ve applied the Inclusive Guidelines from the Department of Race & Equity to elevate the importance of such investments in East Oakland. OakDOT leveraged this project to listen to the needs and visions of the community, giving us the tools to develop projects that come from the community.

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