Red Flag Warning for parts of the East Bay starting 11PM Tuesday 8/17 night and lasting until Wednesday 8/18 at 3PM.

I was a CORE Program Instructor in the past. How can I start teaching again?

Super! We are glad you're interested in becoming a certified instructor for the Communities of Oakland Respond to Emergencies Program. Please fill out the Instructor Interest Form linked here. [VEOCI weblink:]

We will contact you when there is an opportunity.

Not sure if you should become an instructor? If your answer is 'YES' to any of the following questions, becoming a CORE progam instructor might just be for you!

  • Are you are active in your neighborhood or ccommunity-based organizations?
  • Is supporting the safety and security of yourself, your family and the Oakland community in general your #1 reason for volunteering to be a CERT Instructor?
  • Do you have experience in one or more emergency/disaster preparedness or response areas?
  • Do you speak any additional languages or have any special skills that you would like to put to use for the common good?
  • Have you identified a gap in our services?

Still not sure? fill out the Instructor Interest Form anyway and email your questions/concerns to: