Red Flag Warning for parts of the East Bay starting 11PM Tuesday 8/17 night and lasting until Wednesday 8/18 at 3PM.

Off-Street Parking Regulations Update

As part of the Citywide Zoning Update effort, the City is updating its regulations related to off-street parking and loading. These regulations have not been comprehensively reviewed since 1965 and need to be updated to implement current City policies. Updating the parking regulations will include an evaluation of existing parking policies and issues in Oakland, as well as a review of strategies implemented in other cities. We urge you to become familiar with the parking regulations update process and get involved! Please subscribe for email updates about about upcoming meetings and other updates.


The Parking and Loading Regulations Update is focused on requirements and standards for parking and loading located on private and public property (off-street parking). Off-street parking and loading regulations are typically associated with the type of development or activities occurring on the property or an adjacent property. Parking that is on public streets (on-street parking) will not be the focus of this process.