Special Projects Committee (SPC)

Special Projects Committee (SPC) meets as needed to discuss unique projects that typically cover the work of two or more subcommittees of the Planning Commission, or policy projects that need more focused review prior to consideration by the full Commission. The SPC is an official committee of the Planning Commission.

Sports Team

<p>These posts include news and updates related to Oakland based professional sports organizations.&nbsp;</p>

Start a Business

Everything you need to know about starting a business in Oakland.

Staying Safe

Crime prevention is a responsibility we all share. On this page, you will find what numbers to call for help, how you can report or help solve a crime, and tipsheets about how to protect yourself and loved ones.

Stop Sex Trafficking in Oakland

The Oakland Police Department wants to help people who are being trafficked. We rescue the victims and arrest the traffickers. We team up with advocacy groups so that victims can get help. And we partner with the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office to hold traffickers accountable.

Stop Work Order Procedure

If you received a Stop Work from a City of Oakland Building Inspector, you must stop all construction activities. Please see below on how to apply for permits to correct the violations.

Storm Drainage Master Plan

The Storm Drainage Master Plan Project (SDMP Project) is assessing the condition of the City’s storm drainage system and identifying areas prone to flooding. The SDMP Project will create a list, including cost estimates, of high priority capital stormwater system maintenance projects for future work.

Street Sweeping

Oakland Public Works regularly cleans public streets in Oakland to keep our streets safer and reduce the amount of waste that flows into our storm drains and San Francisco Bay. If you park in a restricted area during a scheduled street sweeping, you can receive a ticket. You can find street sweeping schedules and information on this page.

Streets and Sidewalks

We keep Oakland's Streets and Sidewalks working to help Bicyclists, Pedestrians and Motorists get around easily

Streetscape and Public Facility Projects

The Public/Private Development Division within the Economic and Workforce Development Department has taken over responsibility of former Redevelopment Agency projects. Below is a sampling of current projects.

Studio One Art Center

Studio One Art Center is open for in-person adult, teen and youth classes. <b>Fall/Winter 2023-24 catalog will be posted here on July 7th.</b> <br><br> Fall Session 8 weeks | Mon/Sat 7 weeks: <br>Aug. 21-Oct. 14, no class 9/4 or 9/9 | <br><b>Registration Opens Monday, July 17th @9am</b> <br><br> Holiday Session 7 weeks | Saturdays 6 weeks: <br>Oct. 23 - Dec. 16, no class 11/11 | No class 11/20 - 26 <br><b>Registration Opens Monday, August 28 @9am</b> <br><br> Winter Session 8 weeks | Mondays 6 weeks: <br>Jan. 8 - Mar 2, no class 1/15 or 2/19 <br><b>Registration Opens Monday, October 30 @9am</b>

Studio One Art Center Advisory Board

You are invited to become a part of Studio One Art Center's Advisory Board. If you care about the arts in Oakland, we would appreciate your participation.

Summer In Oakland

This summer in Oakland, there are numerous events and programs available to our community to celebrate and play and learn together in our beautiful shares spaces. For example, please join us for Town Nights, a series of free community events hosted Friday evenings during the summer months. With a focus on preventing violence and fostering unity, Town Nights offers safe spaces for families, friends, and neighbors to come together and enjoy free food, music, games, and more. Learn more about Town Nights and our partners' summer events by following the links on this page.


The City of Oakland is committed to becoming a more sustainable city – a community in which all people have the opportunity to pursue safe, happy, healthy and fulfilling lives, now and into the future. Protecting a clean and healthy natural environment; growing a strong local economy brimming with opportunity; and fostering a safe, equitable and vibrant community are all critical components of this vision. Oakland’s 2030 Equitable Climate Action Plan (ECAP) details the City’s pathway to decarbonize our buildings and transportation, strengthen our local economy, and empower a community resilient against climate change.

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Your feedback will help us improve our website. We cannot reply individually to all feedback.
Your feedback will help us improve our website. We cannot reply individually to all feedback.