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Special Events Office is open Tuesday - Friday from 11am - 3pm BY APPOINTMENT ONLY


Events Requiring Permits
"Special event" an event sponsored by any person, entity, business or group including but not limited to the Oakland Unified School District, the Port of Oakland, the Oakland Coliseum complex, the Paramount Theater, and at any event venue within the City and open to the public:

A. Which is held in any public park and/or facility or on any property and/or facility which is open to the public, and

B. At which 50 or more participants (including sponsors and guests) are present, and

C. At which entertainment is provided by or for any person, and/or made available to any person, and/or

D. For-profit entertainment activities of persons, entities and businesses who or which are currently licensed to regularly provide specified entertainment activities at fixed locations in the City but which holds an event that will foreseeably result in impacts on public safety, health, welfare, and police resources, or

E. Any circus event involving a performance by any trained animal or restricted animal.

The link for the complete Special Event Ordinance 9.52 is here.


How Do I Obtain a Short Term Encroachment Permit?

1. Complete the Encroachment Petition Form and Encroachment Permit Application Form.

2. Canvass and obtain supportive and non-supportive signatures from residents/businesses affected by the encroachment.

3. Submit the encroachment petition along with Special Events Application and Questionnaire Form to the Special Events Office.

4.The Special Events Coordinator will advise you if additional documents are required (e.g., liability insurance verification).

5.Completion and acceptance of the short term encroachment request does not constitute approval of your request.

Appeals for denied short term encroachment permits are handled by the City Administrator’s Office.

Are There Any Encroachment Permit Restrictions?

The following restrictions shall apply to encroachment permits:
Encroachment permits cannot be issued any more than semi-annually to the same group or organization.

There must be reasonable emergency access during the event and acceptable alternative routes for traffic.

No encroachment permit shall be issued if the activity will cause great inconvenience to any one person, business or organization.

Block parties must be non-profit, not for personal use.
Flea market activities will not be authorized
Encroachment permits do not cover charitable events. Applicant should seek Charitable Solicitation Permit (Oakland Municipal Code, Chapter 5.18).
Kiddie Jumpers are not allowed on City streets.

What Fees Are Charged for a Special Event Permit?
Special Event related fees, including encroachment application fees, shall be paid at the Eastmont Precinct. All checks should be made payable to the “City of Oakland.”

The amount of the nonrefundable fee* depends on the type of event and anticipated crowd size. If it is determined that police presence is required at your event, that is an additional cost.

Special Events Permit Fees:
Small event (50 - 100 people) $50.00
Medium event (101 - 300 people) $135.00
Large event (301 or more people) $200.00
Parade/Festival Permit $450.00
Encroachment $50.00

Application instructions: File your application and questionnaire with the Oakland Police Department at least 30 days prior to your event:

In Person (by appointment only) @ Eastmont Precinct, 2651 73rd Avenue, Oakland, CA

By email: hnguyen3@staging.oaklandca.gov or jcabral@staging.oaklandca.gov
Phone Contact Info: (510)777-8525

Sound amplification: Contact Special Activity Department to learn your event will requires a sound permit.

Nancy Marcus - 510-238-3294 - nmarcus@staging.oaklandca.gov

To hold a party in a public space (e.g. a City park) you will need to request a reservation with the Office of Parks and Recreation by phone at 510-238-3187 or by email at oprscheduling@staging.oaklandca.gov

For events that wish to have alcohol, here are the links to the ABC Forms

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