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Appointed Rent Board

**COVID-19 Related Service Update** All hearings and board meetings are being held remotely via Zoom. Parties will receive notice of a new hearing date in the mail.

The Housing, Residential Rent and Relocation Board (HRRRB) currently has vacancies. To see which positions are vacant, click here to view the current HRRRB roster. To submit an application, please click here.

The Housing, Residential Rent and Relocation Board enforces the Rent Adjustment Ordinance that is set out by the Oakland City Council and fosters fair housing for a diverse population of renters. The board also hears appeals from decisions by Rent Adjustment Program hearing officers and develops and amends regulations for the Rent Adjustment Program. The Board may also make recommendations to the City Council or appropriate City Council committee pertaining to the residential rent, eviction or other City housing policy when requested to do so by the City Council or when the Board otherwise acts to do so.

The Board consist of seven (7) regular members appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the Council: two (2) residential rental property owners, two (2) tenants, and three (3) persons who are neither tenants nor residential rental property owners (undesignated representatives). The Board also has six (6) alternate members: two (2) residential rental property owners, two (2) tenants and two (2) persons who are neither a tenants nor residential rental property owners. Alternates may act at Board meetings in the absence of a regular Board member of the same category, and at appeal panels meetings without such an absence

All board members serve three-year staggered terms and can serve no more than two consecutive terms. The Housing, Residential Rent and Relocation Board meets regularly once every two weeks on Thursday at 5:00 p.m via Zoom. The zoom link will be posted on the meeting’s agenda. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the board met in Hearing Room #2 at the Oakland City Hall.

If interested, apply at:

The Rent Adjustment Program Ordinance can be found at this link:

Undesignated Representatives

Denard Ingram


Undesignated Representative

Charles Oshinuga


Undesignated Representative

Evelyn Torres


Undesignated Representative

Landlord Representatives

Terrence Williams


Landlord Representative

Nikitra Hudson

Nik Hudson

My name is Nikitra Hudson. I am a proud Oakland native and mother. I have built a 20-year career in Workers Compensation and Risk Management, in both medical practice and in school Districts. During the pandemic, I decided to pivot and refocus my time on some things I feel passionate about. The world of real estate investing, and renovation has become increasingly interesting to me. As a landlord, I take issues of housing very seriously and I am invested in providing well maintained and comfortable places for people to rent. Unfortunately, affordable decent housing is unobtainable for many people. Often as a result to unethical landlord behavior, but also sometimes as a result to bad tenant behavior. This is what prompted me to apply and subsequently was appointed to the Tenant/Landlord Rent Board for the City of Oakland. I want to be part of the change that unbiasedly supports tenants and landlords. I want to do my part in engaging in the actions that bring about equity and fairness in housing.

Benjamin Scott (Alternate)


Landlord Representative (Alternate)

Kathleen Sims (Alternate)

Kathleen Sims Photo

Landlord Representative (Alternate)

Tenant Representatives

Rodney Nickens Jr.

Rodney Nickens Headshot

Rodney K. Nickens Jr. is the Program Officer for Policy and Innovation at the San Francisco Foundation, one of the nation’s largest community foundations — a grantmaking public charity dedicated to mobilizing resources and acting as a catalyst for change to build strong communities, foster civic leadership, and promote philanthropy in the San Francisco Bay Area. Mr. Nickens is also the Founder of R&N Strategies, LLC and is the Tenant Representative on the Oakland Housing, Residential Rent and Relocation Board.

Hannah Flanery (Alternate)

Hannah Flanery Headshot

Hannah Flanery currently works as a Staff Attorney/Clinical Supervisor in the Housing Unit at East Bay Community Law Center in Berkeley. Hannah received her law degree from Berkeley Law and her bachelor's degree from Georgetown College. She was born and raised in the Appalachian foothills of eastern Kentucky. Prior to moving to the Bay Area, she served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in southeastern Ukraine.



The Oakland City Council adopted the Rent Adjustment Program Ordinance (OMC Chapter 8.22) in 1980. This ordinance sets the maximum annual rent increase based on the annual CPI increase and handles rent adjustments for claims of decreases in housing services and handles other rent-related matters. The purpose of this program is to foster fair housing for a diverse population of renters and enforce the Rent Adjustment Ordinance set out by the City of Oakland.

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The Housing, Residential Rent and Relocation Board meets on Thursdays at 5:00 pm via Zoom. Full Board meetings are held on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of the month.