• Animal Services

    Responds to animal related calls for service including helping stray, injured, abandoned, neglected, and mistreated animals, and enforces all state and local Animal Welfare laws within the City.
  • City Administrator

    The City Administrator oversees the day-to-day operations of all City departments to ensure the goals and policy directives of the Mayor and City Council are implemented.
  • City Attorney

    The Office of the City Attorney provides legal counsel to the City of Oakland, its employees, officers, agencies, boards and commissions.
  • City Auditor

    Independent City Auditor. Serving Oakland With Integrity.
  • City Clerk

    The Office of the City Clerk serves the Oakland City Council, City Administration, and residents of the City of Oakland. Our primary responsibilities include producing City Council's agenda…
  • City Council

    Its eight members are elected directly by the people of Oakland. The Council is made up of one representative from each of seven districts and one at-large representative. The Council sets goals and…
  • Community Police Review Agency

    The Community Police Review Agency is the civilian investigative arm of the Oakland Police Commission. CPRA's primary role is to investigate community members' allegations of officer misconduct…
  • Economic & Workforce Development

    The Economic & Workforce Development Department works to bring about a vibrant, innovative, globally competitive economy in Oakland. Our mission is to increase investment in Oakland in a way that…
  • Employment Investigations and Civil Rights Compliance

    We provide comprehensive services to ensure compliance with federal and state civil rights employment laws and City policy that prohibits harassment, discrimination and retaliation based on a…
  • Finance

    The Finance Department provides quality government financial services to the City of Oakland. We manage the City’s financial affairs with the highest degree of customer service, honesty, and…
  • Fire

    The proud members of the Oakland Fire Department are committed to providing the highest quality and highest level of courteous and responsive services to the residents of Oakland. This is…
  • Housing & Community Development

    The Department of Housing and Community Development is dedicated to improving Oakland's neighborhoods and to making sure all Oaklanders have safe and affordable housing.
  • Human Resources Management

    The Human Resources Management (HRM) Department hires skilled people. We find, train and support our employees. We deliver labor agreements, employee benefits, and more for all City of Oakland jobs.…
  • Human Services

    The Oakland Human Services Department exists to make our city a place that works for all. We offer free programs and provide public resources to community organizations that make sure all of our…
  • Information Technology

    The Information Technology Department (ITD) is committed to providing sustainable and agile delivery of strategic and effective solutions to enhance services for the City’s residents, businesses,…
  • Library

    Your Oakland Public Library empowers all people to explore, connect, and grow. OPL is celebrated locally and nationally as an indispensable partner in transforming lives.
  • Parks, Recreation & Youth Development

    With an emphasis on Oakland’s youth, Oakland Parks, Recreation & Youth Development and its partners will provide best in class, relevant and equitable programs and services, while meeting the…
  • Planning & Building

    The Planning & Building Department oversees the regulations for the City's growth and development. Through reviewing project plans, enforcing local ordinances, developing neighborhood plans, and…
  • Police

    The Oakland Police Department is committed to reducing crime and serving the community through fair, quality policing.
  • Public Ethics Commission

    The Public Ethics Commission is an independent commission made up of Oakland residents and charged with ensuring fairness, openness, honesty and integrity in Oakland City government.
  • Public Works

    Our Mission Statement: Oakland Public Works is dedicated to you! We strive to maintain, improve and preserve Oakland’s infrastructure and environment for the residents, businesses, visitors and…
  • Race & Equity

    We work with City departments to create a city where our diversity is maintained, racial disparities have been eliminated and racial equity has been achieved.
  • Transportation

    The Department of Transportation will envision, plan, build, operate and maintain a transportation system for the City of Oakland and assure safe, equitable, and sustainable access and mobility for…
  • Violence Prevention

    The Department of Violence Prevention applies a public health approach to violence prevention focused on community-led intervention strategies to realize sustained safety and stability of the…
  • Workplace and Employment Standards

    The Department enforces Council's policies that stimulate the fair and equitable involvement of Oakland Businesses, Workers, and Residents. (Formerly known as Contracts and Compliance Division)