Human Resources Management

The Human Resources Management (HRM) Department hires skilled people. We find, train and support our employees. We deliver labor agreements, employee benefits, and more for all City of Oakland jobs. Our department reflects the diversity and strength of our city.

Equity Statement

The City of Oakland is an equal opportunity employer that values workforce diversity, inclusion, and equity.  Oakland has a long history of activism around issues of justice and equity. Both oppression and this resistance to oppression have shaped the city’s historical roots and the lives of its residents to this day.  As public servants to one of the most diverse cities in the nation, we strive to develop employees who understand the harm and impacts of systemic inequity to create lasting, meaningful outcomes for everyone.  Oakland strives to establish an environment that embraces the richness of culture, community, and individualism of employees.
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Boards & Commissions


Ian Appleyard

Director, Human Resources Management

Ian Appleyard is the Director of Human Resources Management (HRM) for the City of Oakland. He manages labor and employee relations, benefits, recruitment, training and more. In the past, he served as Director of Human Resources for the City of Emeryville. He also has worked in HRM roles for the City of Oakland’s HRM Department.

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