Mayor Libby Schaaf to Provide Update on Oakland Police Department Matters


OAKLAND – Today, Mayor Schaaf and City Administrator Sabrina Landreth were
informed by Assistant Police Chief Paul Figueroa that he is taking leave from his
position effective immediately. He made the following statement: “I have informed the Mayor and the City Administrator that I cannot fulfill the functions of the Acting Chief of Police for the City of Oakland and I am stepping aside to take leave. When I return, I am exercising my right to return to Captain and I will continue to serve the Oakland Community, the Community I care deeply for. I thank the City for the opportunity and I am deeply sorry that I was unable to fulfill the functions of Acting Chief of Police.”
Mayor Schaaf and City Administrator Landreth have determined that the most
appropriate course of action at this time is for the command staff to report directly to
the City Administrator while the City is conducting a national search for a new police
chief. The tactical and operational decisions will remain with the OPD commanders as
they always have. Administrative and personnel decisions will come directly to the
City Administrator.
“This reporting structure will reinforce the importance of civilian oversight of the
Police Department, especially given the recent revelations of serious misconduct by
officers in the Department,” said City Administrator Sabrina Landreth.
Mayor Schaaf also announced that the City of Oakland is on the verge of closing an
investigation that centers on racist text messages sent by police officers. “I will not
choose to say anything today that will undermine the City Of Oakland’s ability to
impose the maximum discipline in this case,” said Mayor Schaaf.
“As a Mayor of Oakland I am here to run a police department not a frat house,” said
Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf.
“While these reports of misconduct are disturbing, what is positive is that the
measures and structures we have put in place to root out this type of behavior, are
working. The new Deputy Chief position to review all cases involving serious
allegations of misconduct, as well as my recent Executive Order requiring that
criminal misconduct be reported immediately to the District Attorney’s Office, are
making an impact.”
“Oakland has made incredible progress in safety and progressive reforms, including a
more than 40 percent reduction in shootings and homicides and implementation of our
body worn camera program, procedural justice training and implicit bias research.
And I am angry that this progress has been marred by this scandal.”

“I know that the vast majority of the men and women of the Oakland Police
Department are dedicated public servants whose efforts have moved this department
forward and made Oakland safer. Once again I recognize that the recent turmoil in the
department has been difficult for our employees and has shaken the public trust, but I
remain firmly committed to ensuring the long-term health, stability and effectiveness
of a principled, community-oriented Oakland Police Department.”
“I am determined to root out a culture that tolerates unethical behavior.”
“At a time when communities across the country are questioning police culture, it is
critical that our officers operate ethically. This is especially important in a community
like Oakland, where trust between the police and the community has been broken in
the past.”
“I want the residents in Oakland and communities around the country who are
watching what is happening to know that we have zero tolerance for this, and while
it’s not easy, we will make the lasting change that is needed and deserved.
“I am cleaning house, bringing in outside agencies to ensure the integrity of our
investigations and will be merciless in punishing those who are found guilty.”

Erica Derryck
Office of the Mayor

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Posted: June 17th, 2016 12:00 AM

Last Updated: October 23rd, 2018 4:55 PM

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