Arrest Made After a Person Punches an Officer During a Violent Sideshow

Posted: April 18th, 2022 4:20 PM

Last Updated: April 18th, 2022 4:22 PM

Photo of: Sideshow Vehicles being towed

For Immediate Release April 18, 2022

OPD News

In East Oakland, hundreds of people took part in illegal sideshow activity Sunday night. A reported 200 spectators and 100 vehicles took over several intersections on 82nd Avenue between MacArthur Boulevard and Ney Avenue.

Each week, the Oakland Police Department (OPD) dedicates officers to deter sideshows, and as officers attempted enforcement actions, individuals in the crowd fired full-automatic weapons into the air. There were no reports of anyone being struck by gunfire.

As officers began enforcing a containment plan, two people began fighting. An officer attempting to intervene was struck in the face by one of the individuals. Additional officers at the scene arrested the individual, who is facing multiple charges, including battery on a police officer. The officer was not seriously injured.

Officers towed more than a dozen vehicles; however, no firearms were located. OPD will continue to take enforcement action by issuing citations, making arrests, and towing vehicles. Additionally, our investigators will be working to identify those responsible for committing crimes, as well as participating in illegal sideshow activity.

The City of Oakland continues to work to find long-term solutions to the illegal activity. If you have information about sideshows, you can send OPD a tip at our non-emergency email,, or call (510) 777-3333.