5-Year Impact Fee Review and Update Reports

The Mitigation Fee Act (Government Code Sections 66000 – 66025) requires a local agency to conduct an analysis and make findings every five years for each impact fee that the agency imposes on development projects.

In Process
Start date:
Jul 1, 2021
Completion date:
Dec 21, 2022


The City is posting Phase I of the Five-Year Review and Update of the Affordable Housing, Jobs/Housing, Transportation and Capital Improvements Impact Fees, it is important to review all steps and the timeline associated with this process, which is divided into four phases as listed in the project timeline. Please refer to the document Five-Year Review Project Timeline for more detailed descriptions of the steps associated with each phase. The process will culminate in a recommendation to City Council on changes to the Affordable Housing, Jobs/Housing, Transportation, and Capital Improvements Impact Fees.

The findings of the Five-Year Review must:

  • Identify the purpose to which the fee is to be put;
  • Demonstrate a reasonable relationship between the fee and purpose for which it is charged;
  • Identify all sources and amounts of funding anticipated to complete financing in incomplete improvements; and
  • Designate the approximate dates on which the funding is expected to be deposited into the appropriate account or fund.



Phase I: Impact Fee Five-Year Review
July 2021 – December 2021
Phase II: Feasibility Analysis and Evaluation
January 2022 – Fall 2022
Phase III: Stakeholder Meetings
Fall/Winter 2022
Phase IV: City Council Hearings
Winter 2022/2023

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