Lake Merritt Bikeway Improvement Project

Extending the Lakeside Drive two-way protected cycletrack around the Lake to International Boulevard



Lakeside Drive from Madison Street to Lake Merritt Boulevard and Lake Merritt Boulevard from Lakeside to E 12th Street are set to be repaved in 2021. This is an important opportunity to extend the popular two-way protected cycletrack around Lake Merritt from Madison Street southward and over the estuary bridge to International Boulevard! This paving project means that the City can expand recreational access to the regional destination of Lake Merritt and provide a lasting benefit to the City for people commuting into Downtown in the future.

Project Goals

  • Provide a safe, welcoming place to ride a bike around Lake Merritt from Madison Street to International Boulevard
  • Coordinate with AC Transit to provide bus-only lanes for the new Tempo BRT service, where feasible
  • Alleviate congestion on the Lake Merritt mixed-use pathway
  • Provide two-way bicycle connectivity on the lake side of Lake Merritt Boulevard and Lakeside Drive for recreational users, and provide one-way bike facility on south side of Lake Merritt Boulevard to connect to bike lanes on 1st Avenue and to planned bike facilities on 14th St.
  • Leave the freshly-paved roadway better than we found it, with a new roadway plan that encourages recreation and safe travel by all modes

Project Schedule

  • Complete: Develop concept plans for Lake Merritt Boulevard and Lakeside Drive
  • Late 2020 (Complete): Conduct online and phone-based outreach to local stakeholders and Citywide users of Lake Merritt
  • Late 2020 (Complete): Online Project survey publicized on social media, postcard mailer, email lists, and via posters and sidewalk decals around the Lake
  • End of 2021 - Final Design of Bikeway improvements
  • Construction Start Date: TBD



Map of Lakeside and Lake Merritt BLVDLake Merritt Bikeway Improvement Project