St Andrews Plaza

The renovation of St. Andrew's Plaza is substantially complete, with the exception of some signage that has yet to be installed. Community partnership/stewardship programs are now being formed that are necessary for the Plaza's success.


In July 2015, the City of Oakland was awarded a $456,275 grant from the Housing-Related Parks Program (HRPP) of the California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) to renovate St. Andrew's Plaza, located in Council District 3, at San Pablo Avenue, Filbert, and 32nd Street. This grant was matched by former West Oakland Redevelopment funds ($45,000) managed by the Project Implementation Division. The City of Oakland will be embarking on an 18-month process to deconstruct and renovate the space through a community-driven visioning process.

The Plaza -- an important gateway to West Oakland -- has become plagued with nuisance behavior, attracting drug dealing, illegal dumping and blight. The negative impact on the surrounding neighbors is extreme and over the past ten years, several smaller efforts have not netted sustainable solutions.

An important part of this project will be to make the space safe and welcoming to all members of the community.

In January 2016, Golden Associates, a landscape architectural firm, was hired by the Public Works Department to assist in the planning and re-design of St. Andrew's Plaza. The Plaza is scheduled to be temporarily closed and fenced off for renovations, starting February 2016. Community artwork will be displayed along the fence during a period of the park closure.

Project Updates

No updates, yet! Check back soon!