Vice Mayor Kaplan's Archived Newsletters

Here you can find older newsletters from Vice Mayor Rebecca Kaplan

Posted: June 7th, 2021 12:39 PM

Last Updated: October 20th, 2021 12:32 PM

10/11/21- REMINDER! Important Reports Scheduled for 10/11 Finance and 10/12 Public Safety Committee!

9/28/21- For Immediate Release: Oakland Vice- Mayor Kaplan and Councilmember Gallo Submit Proposal to Proceed with Approval of AASEG Term Sheet to Acquire and Develop the Oakland Coliseum Complex

9/17/21- 9/21/21 Council Meeting: Advocating for Oakland Community Grants & Supporting the Right to Reproductive Freedom!

9/15/21- Sign My Petition Urging the Alameda County DA to Join San Francisco's Lawsuit Against “Ghost Gun” Manufacturers and Retailers!

9/13/21- No Further Delays on Launching MACRO -- Oakland’s Civilian Crisis Responders Program & Calling to Keep Planned Community Advisory Board

9/8/21- Vice Mayor Kaplan is Calling on Alameda District Attorney Nancy O’Malley to Join San Francisco’s Lawsuit Against Ghost Gun Manufacturers

8/31/21- Alameda Supervisor Haubert and I Announce Plans for City-County Collaboration on Safe Parking, Managed RV Sites

8/26/21- Plan to Save Head Start Child Care Centers

8/9/21- Taking Action to Reduce Emissions: Hydrogen Truck Grant and Senate Committee Hearing

8/9/21- Join me 8/17 for OAKLAND's COVID- 19 LGBTQ Roundtable

7/30/21- Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum Authority Unanimously Approves Term Sheet for African- American Led Group to Bring WNBA Team to Oakland Inbox

7/26/21- Today's Council Meeting: Vote to Allocate $10 Million for Civilian Responders & Report on Negotiations for Arena Lease for an Oakland WNBA Team!

7/13/21- Thank you State Leaders For Including My Requested $10 Million to Fund MACRO!

7/12/21- Kaplan Calls for Expansion of Ferry Service to and from Oakland

7/1/21- My Request for City Auditor's Report Spotlights Failure of City Administration to Use $2 Million of Federal Funding to House Unsheltered

6/28/21- Kaplan Announces State Proposed Budget Includes $10 Million to Fund MACRO: Oakland’s Civilian Crisis Responders

6/23/21- Fact Checking Misinformation Regarding Cuts to Police Violent Crime Units

6/18/21- Today! AASEG Announces Press Conference and Juneteenth Celebration of Proposal to Bring WNBA Team to Oakland

6/17/21- Commemorative Street Renaming In Honor Of Dorothy King Introduced by Council member Carroll Fife, Budget Meeting Today and More

6/15/21- Civilian Oversight of Militarized Equipment and Important Wins from the June 15th City Council meeting!

6/14/21- Exciting News! African American Bay Area Business Group Announces Intent to Purchase Coliseum Complex and Bring WNBA to Oakland

6/9/21- Oakland Moves Closer to Civilian Oversight of Militarized Police Equipment

6/8/21- Press Conference: Vice-Mayor Rebecca Kaplan Joins Community Coalition in Urging Civilian Oversight of Militarized Police Equipment

6/4/21- Update on Exciting Wins & Important Updates for Public Safety!

5/25/21- Join the May 26, 2021, Council Budget Meeting & Sharing the Fruits of Our Previous Budget Wins!

5/17/21- Oakland City Council Leadership Writes to Major League Baseball; I Submitted A Scheduling Action for Term Sheet

5/12/21- I Am Taking Action to Ensure a Transparent Budget Process!