Donate to the Oakland Parks & Recreation Foundation

Friends of Oakland Parks & Recreation and the Oakland Parks Coalition recently merged to form the Oakland Parks and Recreation Foundation (OPRF).

OPRF provides financial and volunteer resources and advocates for recreation programs and parks in Oakland. OPRF is a registered non-profit accepting unrestricted gifts, donations to Youth Scholarship Fund or specific recreation centers, as well as other specialized gifts.

We support the following funds:

  1. Anne Woodell Memorial Swim Fund: Provide funding for the Oakland Swim Initiative so that every child in Oakland can learn to swim by 5th grade.
  2. Barry Weiss Memorial Scholarship Fund: Provide scholarships for underserved kids in Oakland to attend programs and camps offered at the City's recreation centers.
  3. Hap Smith Memorial Scholarship Fund: Support the work that the Foundation does to support all of Oakland’s parks and recreation centers.
  4. Mosswood Recreation Center: Provide funding for recovery efforts after a major fire at the recreation center.