Find Affordable Housing

The City of Oakland does NOT provide real estate or rental locator services. We suggest the following methods to find affordable housing in Oakland:

Directory of Assisted Rental Housing
Go to List
Find Affordable Housing Developers
Visit the Website
Oakland Housing Authority

The City of Oakland is pleased to share a new resource for finding affordable housing opportunities across Alameda County - The County’s in-progress website will ultimately serve as both a one-stop-shop for affordable rental housing and include a common short form application to make your experience of applying for housing easier. To view available housing opportunities visit the website at

Rental assistance and referrals to affordable housing - Contact Eden I&R (dial 2-1-1) for their affordable housing resources, including referral to affordable and subsidized housing and referrals for short-term rental assistance payments.

Public housing and Section 8 housing vouchers are managed by the Oakland Housing Authority.

Rental projects already constructed - see our directory of assisted housing to find all affordable housing projects in Oakland. Contact the managers of these units to determine if units are available and if you are eligible. Many projects have waiting lists.

Contact commercial and non-profit rental and real estate agencies.

Contact Affordable Housing Developers:

Homes/ownership units already constructed -
contact the non-profit developers to inquire about the status of homes they may have built and sold.

Projects underway - Contact the housing development department for projects underway to determine when ownership and rental units will be completed and when applications will be accepted.