Prevent/Report Bike Theft

Registering your bicycle will help discourage bike theft and increase the chances your bike will be returned when stolen. Bike Index is the largest free online registry in the world. Go to the Bike East Bay website for comprehensive information on registering your bicycle, and steps you can take to prevent bicycle theft.

Report stolen bicycles to the Oakland Police Department (OPD) online or by phone. Phone reports to OPD's non-emergency number, (510) 777-3333 (TTY 238-3254) and report your bike's serial number, description (make, model, color, other defining characteristics), and describe the place and time the bicycle was stolen. If your bicycle was stolen and recovered by OPD, and if you file a report that includes your serial number, your bicycle will very likely be returned to you.

No bicycle license or registration is required.In December 2016, the City Council passed an Ordinance deleting Oakland Municipal Code requirements for bicycle licensing and registration.