Portrait of Brianna Horton

Brianna Horton

Hi I'm Brianna - Emergency Planning Coordinator and CORE Program Manager.

I joined the City of Oakland team in 2017 as the Executive Assistant to the Director of the Department of Transportation [OakDOT]. I decided to join the Oakland Fire Department's Emergency Management Services Division after working as a Disaster Service Worker in support of the COVID-19 emergency response.

Under normal [non-emergency] conditions, I am actively recruiting and training Disaster Service Workers and Volunteers in addition to leading EMSD's community outreach and education initiatives. During an emergency activation, I support the Emergency Operations Center's Planning Section.

I geek out on all things Organizational Development so naturally, my favorite CERT Unit to teach is Unit 2 - CERT Organization.

Hope to see your name on the roster for CERT training!


Title: Emergency Planning Coordinator

Department: Fire

Email Address: CORE@Oaklandca.gov

Phone Number: 510-238-6351