Central Business Location

Situated at the geographical center of the San Francisco Bay Area, Oakland is the largest and most established of the East Bay cities. The city benefits from immediate access to rail, air, sea, freeway and transit services. Oakland is also an international gateway and an ideal place for business!


Oakland's Central Location is

  • Located in Alameda County with 56 square miles of land, 19 miles of coastline, and magnificent rolling hills.
  • Convenient to all major employment and residential centers in the greater Bay Area.
  • Situated at crossroads of major freeways and transit systems, Oakland is closer to more of the region’s workforce than most other cities in the Bay Area.
  • An international gateway, with more than $33 billion of goods passing through the Port of Oakland each year.
  • Oakland is active in cultural exchanges with its Sister Cities around the globe.
  • Oakland is simply a great place to live and work, with wonderful weather; dynamic local culture; and an eclectic blend of shops, restaurants, and attractions; and access to world-renowned higher education.

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