Community Homelessness Services

We aim to strengthen the network of Oakland's safety net services and work with partners to provide housing services for homeless and at-risk populations. Services include: Emergency Housing Program, Winter Relief Program, Emergency Winter Shelter, Homeless Mobile Outreach Program, Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS (HOPWA), and more. Formerly Community Housing Services.


Community Housing Services recognizes the tremendous need for services specific to the homeless population. Through the administration of contracts, we partner with non-profit organizations to assist the homeless and near-homeless community with temporary shelter, hotel/motel vouchers, rental assistance, eviction prevention, transitional, supportive and special needs housing. Also provided are a continuum of other support services to the homeless such as food, employment, physical and mental health, drug abuse and domestic violence programs. Community Housing Services can provide information and referrals concerning any of the following:

  • Homeless Prevention – Programs that provide one-time rental assistance or move-in assistance help to people with a temporary financial crisis to prevent them from becoming homeless.
  • Emergency Housing – Homeless shelters, as well as hotel/motel vouchers, are included in this program to provide temporary lodging for homeless persons.
  • Transitional Housing – Several transitional housing programs provide housing with case management and support services to families for up to 24 months. Transitional housing programs are designed to assist those families who are experiencing episodes of homelessness to sustain themselves and to bring about stability in the family unit and eventually to transition to independent living in permanent housing through services provided.
  • Special Needs/AIDS/ - Housing facilities and services for special needs populations, particularly those with HIV/AIDS and their families, are provided through supportive housing programs and Housing Opportunities for Persons Living with AIDS (HOPWA) throughout Alameda and Contra Costa Counties.
  • Homeless Mobile Outreach Program - While committed to mitigating the public health and blight associated with homeless encampments, the City recognizes that homeless persons sleeping outside are in need of assistance in accessing homeless services and housing resources. In order to assist persons living in homeless encampments, the City of Oakland has established a Homeless Mobile Outreach Program (HMOP). The HMOP provides humanitarian and survival assistance and encourages people in encampments to seek case management, income, health and housing assistance referrals with a goal of becoming permanently housed members of our community.