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Encampment Management

The Encampment Management Policy seeks to address the adverse health and safety impacts of unsheltered homelessness, with compassion and care to not criminalize poverty. The Encampment Management Team is responsible for implementing the Encampment Management Policy and directing coordination across city departments.

If you or someone you know is hungry, homeless or housing insecure - Call 2-1-1. If you need to report an issue related to an encampment email

About the Encampment Management Policy

In October of 2020, the Oakland City Council adopted an Encampment Management Policy to focus encampment actions on mitigating negative outcomes as they pertain to public safety, public health, and equity outcomes.

The policy aims to:

  1. Designate high-sensitivity areas, where unmanaged encampments are presumed to cause unreasonably high levels of health and safety impacts due to the nature of the location;

  2. Designate low-sensitivity areas, where enforcement will not be prioritized.

  3. Determine findings that will prompt EMT intervention;

  4. Provide guidance on addressing unreasonable health and safety risks, promoting voluntary compliance, and strategies to address non-compliance.

Encampment Management is necessary to address the emergency needs of our unhoused residents, and serves as one part of the City’s overall response to prevent, stabilize and house our community.

About the Encampment Management Team

The Encampment Management Team (EMT) is an interdepartmental working group consisting of representatives from Oakland’s Public Works Department (OPW), Human Services Department (HSD), Oakland Police Department (OPD), Oakland Fire Department (OFD), the City Administrator’s Office (CAO), and other consulted departments as necessary (e.g., the Mayor’s Office, the City Attorney’s Office, Parks and Recreation). The EMT is facilitated by the City Administrator's Office via the Homelessness Administrator and receives input and advice from the Homeless Advisory Commission.

The Encampment Management Team tracks all known encampments and prioritizes interventions based on health, safety, and size issues. The Team provides sanitation services and regular trash pick up. When the City decides to close an encampment, the Team makes every effort to relocate encampment dwellers to emergency shelters or community cabins.

Reporting an Issue

Please notify our office by emailing if you notice a new homeless encampment or need to report an issue regarding an existing homeless encampment.