Fiscal Year 2023-2025 Budget

Every two years the City goes through a planning process between January and June to determine the budget for the next two fiscal years.

Our Goal: A Balanced Budget

Budget Balance Illustration

The budget is our plan for how we will spend City money on services that support our community.

We are required by law to produce a balanced budget that ensures our "revenues" (the amount of money the City brings in) are equal to or greater than our "expenditures" (the amount of money the City spends to deliver essential services). While other cities and government agencies have different cycles, Oakland approves a budget every two fiscal years. The budget currently under consideration runs from July 1, 2023 through June 30, 2025.

The Budget Process

  • January - Budget Priorities

    The City receives input from council and the community about priorities, and engages staff on departmental budgets.

  • The Budget Bureau presents the Five-Year Financial Forecast to the City Council’s Finance Committee.

  • May 1

    The Mayor releases the Proposed FY 2023-25 Budget.

  • April

    The Mayor engages the public to garner community insights.

  • May through June

    The City Council leads public budget forums.

  • June

    The City Council deliberates on the budget and develops alternative proposals.

  • June 30

    The City Council adopts the final budget which establishes a 2-year spending plan

Reports & Documents

Reports and Documents Related to the Budget Development Process