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Documents developed as part of the General Plan Update process, or used in the process of creating the Oakland 2045 General Plan will reside on this webpage.

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Draft 2023-2031 General Plan Housing Element

The draft General Plan Housing Element outlines the strategies and policies the City will implement over the next eight years in order to meet Oakland’s housing needs. The Housing Element was last updated in 2015 and is now being updated with public input to reflect the recent housing opportunities, challenges, and approaches that have emerged in the Oakland community, as well as to comply with new state laws.

Note: This is a preliminary draft document that has not been adopted by the City of Oakland or approved by any City department. This draft has not gone through graphic design or formatting. The purpose of this draft is to solicit public input prior to transmission to the State Department of Housing and Community Development.

The City encourages comments on the Draft Housing Element be submitted by email to generalplan@staging.oaklandca.gov.

Environmental Justice and Racial Equity Baseline

The Environmental Justice and Racial Equity Baseline identifies and delineates disparities by race and by geography which may be present in the social, economic, and environmental factors that can be influenced directly or indirectly by the General Plan. The findings of this document will be used to:

  • Establish a baseline of existing conditions pertaining to environmental justice and racial equity to inform conversations between City staff and members of the public, particularly those in communities most impacted by racial inequities that make them vulnerable to climate change and other environmental effects;
  • Serve as the baseline for the Environmental Justice Element of the General Plan; and
  • Enable the City to coordinate interdepartmental efforts to effectively address environmental justice and racial equity.

Map Atlas

The Map Atlas is one of several reports documenting and analyzing background conditions, trends, and opportunities to lay the groundwork for community deliberations and policy-making.

The Map Atlas provides baseline spatial data on existing conditions and mappable resources, trends, and critical concerns that will frame choices for the long-term physical development of Oakland. The Atlas includes information about land uses, natural and community resources, urban form, and transportation infrastructure. The findings of this document will be used as a basis for:

  • Facilitating community input on planning issues, priorities, and vision for the future;
  • Understanding opportunities and identifying constraints;
  • Evaluating policy issues and options for housing sites (as part of Phase 1) and alternative land use and transportation concepts (as part of Phase 2);
  • Formulating policies and implementation actions for the General Plan Update; and
  • Conducting mapping and baseline assessment needed for the environmental setting portion of environmental impacts reports (currently anticipated for each of the two phases) for the General Plan Update.

Oakland 2045 General Plan

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