Oakland 2045 General Plan | Safety Element

The Safety Element is a required chapter of the General Plan and is a policy framework to guide the public decision-making process on addressing natural and human-caused hazards.

Oakland's Safety Element

The Safety Element Update in Phase 1 of the General Plan Update will develop overarching goals and policies to address fire and flood hazard management for critical facilities, non-conforming development to contemporary fire safe standards (e.g., road standards and vegetation hazards), emergency evacuation routes per SB99, emergency evacuation, climate adaptation, sea level rise, drought, and identify capital improvement programs to improve the City’s resilience to natural and human-caused hazards.

Local Hazard Mitigation Plan

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The Local Hazard Mitigation Plan is updated every five years and identifies potential hazards that the City of Oakland is most vulnerable to, assesses risks to the city’s residents, buildings and critical facilities, and develops a mitigation strategy to reduce the risk of exposure and allow a swift and organized recovery should a disaster occur. The current 2021-2026 LHMP has been incorporated as an appendix to the current Safety Element.

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